Happy Birthday Kaylee or Help we are going to have teens for 19 years!

03/09/2015 20:15

I couldn't decide which title I liked best, so I used them both. God has blessed our family with one girl and today she turned 13! (Pictures below) We are excited to be entering the teen parenting years. My sister-in-law told us last night that we were going to have teens in our home for 19 years! Wow, what a thought! Please pray for our parenting skills. It was fun to have Katie's brother's family with us last night and today. Kirk hands in his paper for his Doctorate in History on Friday. He then has a few weeks before he defends it. I know he would appreciate your prayers for these big life events as well.

I passed out flyers in Edinburgh yesterday morning as I waited to help Kirk's family to our home. God gave me some great divine appointments. I got to share the Gospel with a man who has been homeless the last two weeks. He had been homeless before but it was 20 years ago. I also encouraged a backslidden believer to get back in the battle for the Lord. I challenged a older JW with the reality that Jesus is worshipped in Scripture. It was a good talk as I walked with him to the train station. Another lady was sitting in the park and I was able to speak with her for about 20 minutes. She said, "I'll be thinking about this while I am at work. (Please pray for her we had a really good chat.) 

One of the coolest experiences was handing an elderly woman a flyer and realizing that she was handing tracts out as well. She said she was 83 and that she takes the train up from England to hand out tracts in Edinburgh. She said, "I do this because Jesus Christ is coming back soon." The younger man who was defeated ought to have been handing out tracts while this woman set her burden down. Praise God for His soldiers who don't quit serving Him!