Happy Birthday Parker

18/07/2013 11:31
Parker turns 6 today! Wow! It seems like yesterday we were on deputation and heading out to Colorado with a ten day old for an 8 day missions conference at Beth Eden Baptist Church.
We are enjoying sharing the day with family. The kids and Katie went into the national museum to meet the rest of the family. I'm following them shortly.
I wanted to show you our HBT (VBS) flyer and encourage you to pray for our upcoming Holiday Bible Time. (It looks fuzzy in the photo below but the print is actually very clear.) We have a ministry team from Bethel Baptist in Shaumburg arriving on 30 July. We are praying that God will give us a great turn out. 
The Lord also gave me a great opportunity to witness to a Muslim young man in Dundee on Monday. I invited him to a tent meeting at the local park where I met him. (A good church in the area is having special meetings there this weekend.) Please pray for their outreach and that he will attend.
Katie's ladies Bible study on Monday nights is going really well. She had six ladies this past Monday.