Happy Father's Day!

16/06/2019 13:19

God gave us a wonderful morning as we enjoyed the Lord's day and Father's day. The kids made some nice badges (buttons) for the fathers and gave them some chocolate to sweeten them up. I trust God is giving you a wonderful father's day as well!

I preached a message about two men this morning. The man with a house that will stand at the judgment and him whose house will crumble. "A Tale of Two Men" Matthew 7. The singing before my message is my family plus one. Amber safely arrived on Wednesday and is enjoying the beginning of the month which she will spend with our family.

Thank you for praying for our ministry today. Saturday is our children's fair. We're thankful that God gave us a rain free parade. We have been praying much about the Gala Day as well. Please pray that God will bless us with good weather as well as great opportunities to serve our community and present them with the Gospel.