Happy Holiday!!!! :)

20/04/2013 19:39

We have just returned from a wonderful holiday (vacation.)  We took a week off and headed to the southern most part of the mainland of Scotland.  Special thanks to Don and Chris Dillman, Richard Weaver, and Leah Devers who filled in for us in our absence.  This is our longest break since coming to the field and it was greatly enjoyed.

We rented a self catering cottage in Port Logan.  We had views that were amazing. Please see the photo album page. We looked out at the Irish Sea and on clear days could see Northern Ireland on the horizon. Each day held a special adventure for us.  On Sunday we enjoyed visiting a Reformed Presbyterian Church in Stranraer and singing Psalms put to music. The minister and his wife are sweet believers and kindly invited us to dinner at their home after the morning service. During the week we visited a lighthouse, botanical garden, rock and gem museum, sea side villages etc. We saw pheasants and more pheasants, seals, soldiers playing war games, battle ships, military choppers, convoys, two tipped trucks due to very high winds, a two hundred year old aquarium, deer, the site of the oldest inscribed stones in Scotland, and again etc.

God has been very good to us and we are excited to be back home and in our church tomorrow. I'll put a picture below to give you an idea of our family adventure.  (The home on the right is where we stayed this past week.)