Happy Independence Day! (tomorrow)

03/07/2012 20:30

This is an unusual schedule this week.  I got one year older - so, we took Monday as a holiday.  And, we have the 4th of July this week.  Like many of you - we are enjoying a down week.  But, that also limits my outreach opportunities.  The Lord did give me a good witnessing opportunity on Sunday night.  Please pray that God will awaken Robert's heart.  He told me that he will visit the church when he wins the lottery.  The Lord gave me grace to sincerely share with him that what I was offering him (through the tract and church) was far better than winning the lottery. (Is it wrong to hope he wins the lottery so that he will visit the church? :)

Here is a note to make you aware of what it is like moving to another country.  We have yet to get a debit card for Katie.  Why? Because you have no credit when you move over here. By the way, you can't get credit without debit or credit cards. We've applied with another bank and Lord willing, we will be beyond this soon and on our way to excellent credit. (We hope!) Thanks for praying for us.  Enjoy your barbecues!

PS.  Please pray for Dr. Ron Brooks.  He was our field representative for BWM until this past year.  He is having surgery on Wednesday 11 July to remove tumors from his bladder.  I know that he and his wife, Barbara, would appreciate your prayers.