Happy (late) Thanksgiving :)

25/11/2017 14:10

I am full and enjoying left over bbq turkey. We've had a fun Thanksgiving time. Amanda Baker and Beth Farrell arrived on Thanksgiving Day from England and are staying with us through the beginning of next week. So, we had our Thanksgiving dinner on Friday and it is still benefitting us. We also enjoyed having a special Thanksgiving service during our normal Thursday night midweek service.

I appreciate your prayers for the funeral this morning. The Lord gave me the opportunity to minister to the family of a lady who attended our assisted living facility services. Her family are from Loanhead and I enjoyed getting to know them. The service was very sweet and God blessed.

Last night we celebrated Amanda's Birthday and went into Edinburgh and toured the ice scultpure tent at the Edinburgh Winter Carnival. It was a really beautiful cold night and the sculptures were amazing. I'll put some pics below. Thank you for your prayers.