Happy Mother's Day!

10/03/2013 19:38

Today is "Mothering Sunday" in the United Kingdom. My wife likes having mother's day in March because her Birthday is in May. It was unusual weather for us on Mother's Day with heavy snow showers at times. I guess winter doesn't want too go away to easily.

The Lord gave us a sweet day. We had good attendance at all the services. One family who had been ill was able to be back with us today. There is a very bad cold going around and once it comes it seems it won't go away. Katie is going to the doctor tomorrow because she has had it for about 3 weeks.

This morning I preached on "She was a Gem" from Proverbs 31. This evening we continued our study of Acts 2 and observed the Lord's table.

Tomorrow I will be working on filling out our visa forms. I've been delayed by paperwork needed from my sponsor. They were just able to apply for that this past week. Please pray for wisdom and God's perfect timing in completing this process. Our current visas expire the middle of next month.