Happy Mother's Day (UK)

14/03/2021 21:21

God blessed us with a good Sunday as we honoured our mother's today. (Happy Mother's Day!) This evening we looked at Ruth 4 as I preached a message, "About Mothers." Praise the Lord for those whom God has used to preserve life and give birth to each one of us. We wouldn't be here without God's blessing upon mothers. (Obviously there are loads of other reasons to be grateful to God for His goodness in giving motherhood.)

The Scottish government has given a date for when churches can begin in person services, 26 March. I've already checked with our normal location and they are not able to allow us to meet there. I've emailed the location we used during lockdown and they have yet to respond. Please pray that God will meet our need for a church location.

The gifts our ladies' are handing out with invitations to women to attend a Zoom meeting are being well received. Please pray that some would take the time to join our ladies this coming Saturday night at 8:30. It is purposefully late to allow women with children to attend uninterrupted. We know that the gifts have already been a special blessing to those who have received them. Thank you for praying for this special meeting.