Happy Mother's Day

10/03/2024 13:10

Today is mother's day in Scotland. Katie found some nice flowering gifts for the ladies of our church. Some flowers went home with the husbands and grandads as well to be given to the women in their lives.

I preached a message this morning from Jude 20-25 entitled, "Be Like Yer Mum." It was an insightful study for me and I have a better understanding of Biblical compassion having shared it. I trust God used it in the lives of our church family as well.

We got news on Katie's knee this week. It wasn't what we wanted but the news is in line with what we were expecting. She has torn her ACL and several other ligaments. Please pray for wisdom as she meets with physio therapists on Tuesday. She's getting around, but has to learn how to do it safely as her knee is unstable. Thankfully the swelling is going away. Thank you for praying for her.

God provided platform chairs for us yesterday. We purchased two chairs which we found on a used website. We'll also start working on putting the design trim onto the front wall of the sanctuary this week. We didn't do much on the church project this past week, as our family has been very busy working the last three days on our hedge. Cutting back a hedge seems like it would not be much work. However, those who know our house and know our hedge, know otherwise. This included a chainsaw and a lot of cut branches. Thankfully, the branches have all been consumed in the fire pit and a large pile of ashes is all that remains. We thank the Lord for weather, strength and grace to get it done.