Happy Resurrection Sunday

01/04/2018 14:09

Yesterday morning we enjoyed doing door to door through some of Loanhead inviting people to attend our Easter Service and luncheon as well as our family meetings next week. God gave us two really good divine appointments. One with the father of children who have attended our church and one with a teenage young man. Please pray for the Spirit of God to break open the hearts of people within our community. 

God gave us a good Resurrection Sunday morning. We had the parents and gran of one lady who attends our church as well as the parents of a couple of our teens in attendance. It was great to have them there with a good turnout of our regular attendees. I preached (unsuprisingly) on the resurrection from Paul's testimony before King Agrippa in Acts 26:22-28. "Why should it be thought a strange thing with you that God should raise the dead?"

There are some great opportunities for ministry this week and we would appreciate your prayers. The first is tomorrow as Katie hosts her monthly ladies' meeting at our home. The second is Wednesday - Saturday as my four boys, myself and three other men attend a men's camp in Ireland. Please pray for safety in our travels as well as God's power to work in the heart of the men at camp. We're looking forward to being revived by God's Word and good fellowship. Thanks for your prayers.