Happy Thanksgiving Times

27/11/2021 15:26

God blessed our Thanksgiving service on Wednesday PM. It was fun to share testimonies and praise the Lord for His grace this past year.

Our family also enjoyed having missionary Amanda Baker and a friend of hers with us for a few days. We had some fun outings like visiting the Edinburgh Christmas Market on Thanksgiving night. We also enjoyed some needed down time.

Last night we had the first named storm of the season, Storm Anwer and it was a good storm. (I enjoy weather.) The boys said a tree was down over in the woods near us and there are a lot of small branches down. God's creation is powerful!

Update on my recent witnessing opportunity and planned Bible study. Unfortunately the young man backed out saying he had other responsibilities he had to attend to on that day. I continue to pray for him and hope that someday we will see him come to Christ.