Have you ever had distractions in church?

26/02/2017 13:43
This morning was interesting. For some reason it seemed like there were a lot of interuptions this morning. A band came into the building - not playing their instruments - although they soon would be....etc. But, despite that God gave us a good service and I am smiling. I preached this morning a message on Isaiah 30, "Are You Waiting Upon God or Is God Waiting Upon You?" It was good for me if it didn't benefit anyone else, but I believe the Lord used it in some hearts this morning. Thanks for praying.
We had a good youth activity on Friday. We played, "Dodge the Soft Plushed Toys." We bought stuffed animal ball bean bag thingy's and enjoyed throwing them at one another. I preached on the cloud of witnesses in Heaven and the need to strive to do something for the Lord (from Hebrews 12.)


This week is an ordinary week but the following will be a week long internet absence as our family enjoys a wee break. Please pray for Pastor Dillman and Pastor Weaver as they fill pulpit for us. Thank you for praying.