Have you got trouble?

25/02/2024 13:19

The topic of my message this morning was appropriate after my wife missed the bottom rung on the ladder yesterday while painting at church. We had a trip to minor injuries and thankfully, nothing is broken. Please pray for her knee to heal up and that we'll have wisdom if she did any lasting damage. She had surgery on this knee over 20 years ago to repari a torn ACL. We're just thankful she wasn't more severely injured as concrete isn't very forgiving.

Our text for the messsage was Psalm 33 and it's a great text for trouble as David frankly says, "I am in trouble." David didn't let his trouble push him away from God, but in His trouble He ran to God. We had good attendance this morning despite not having a family present. We had a return visiting teen and the newly saved man was out. Praise the Lord, we're thankful for the work He is doing in our church family. Tonight we are going to have a cake fellowship as we celebrate God's goodness in allowing us to buy this property on 23 February last year. We're also giving a thank offering to our church building fund. It's been neat to see God provide and it's good for our church to participate in the investment into this property.

Building works are going very well. Please pray as we try to finish up some things before the carpet is laid on March 11/12th. We're working hard on it. I think I put in about 30 hours this past week and my family and others were there much of that time as well. Please pray for motivation, strength and wisdom. On Tuesday/Wednesday of this week, the sanctuary floor is being screeded. We will be helping with that to try and keep costs down.

Thank you for praying. As you can see from the above, God's hand has been evident and we praise Him for His grace.