Having not seen the sun in many days....

08/07/2012 13:58

I'm smiling as I write this; But, we have had the most unbelievably "bad" weather this summer.  We briefly saw the sun this past Wednesday.  Other than that, it was out briefly last Sunday night.  You probably picture Scotland as cloudy and rainy - and it is.  But, usually you get some sunshine at some point every day.  This had not been the case lately.  Our visibility has been 1-3 miles the last 3 days.  Thankfully that has changed this afternoon! (No the sun isn't out, but you can see a good ways.) The river we cross on our way to church flooded yesterday and there has been a lot of flooding in the UK. Now you'll understand my excitement when in the future you read that we are having a beautiful day. God is good to encourage us through the "gloom." And praise the Lord we live on high ground!

God gave us a good morning.  The Hikins and Adelle were with us for Sunday School.  Alec and Connie joined us for the morning service.  I preached on "Absolute Surrender" from Esther 4:10-16. Esther's surrender was complete as she said, "If I perish, I perish." 

Tonight we are looking briefly at 3 topics in God's Word as we continue our topical study.