HBC Day 2, & Why didn't we cross the road?

21/07/2015 20:56

HBC was again a great success. Praise the Lord. We had 21 children (plus Mac) with three new children. One of those was a first time visitor. One child who came yesterday was unable to attend today. God blessed the weather and the rain came down right at the end of our game time.

This afternoon Garrett and I went into Edinburgh. God gave us some wonderful divine appointments.

The first was with 4 workers from a department store who were having a break at a park. As we witnessed to them and I spoke with them about some people I know whom God has delivered from drugs. The girl said, "I've got chill bumps on my arm." Both Garrett and I noticed how what was said seemed to resonate with her. Please pray that they will take the truth to heart and investigate the truth we shared with them.

I also witnessed to a Canadian for about 15 minutes. He believes in aliens but not in God. That sounds way out there. But, I have often found that people who don't believe in God often believe strongly that there is life somewhere else. He is 29 and I hope that some of what we shared will sink into his heart.

The most amazing opportunity was as we were getting ready to cross a road on the Royal Mile. Garrett turned and handed two men our literature. One almost cursed him (we found out) but took the literature and as the cross walk turned a conversation started that lasted for an hour. We stood where we were going to cross the road and I witnessed to J. as Garret witnessed to S. We had asked the Lord to lead us to hurting people. They were both facing a tough time but were both unbelievers. There are too many (God only could do that moments in our conversation.) These are men who use expletives frequently in each sentence. But, they were very kind and listened well. Garret was speaking to a fireman who just lost a buddy in a fire. He personally had his arm broken in the same fire. He was so moved by the conversation with Garret that he gave Garret a ring that was given to him by a person he rescued from a fire. Garrett had told him that if he let God save his soul from eternal fire, he could save others from eternal fire as well.

Here is the amazing bit. That man is from a community about 45 minutes away. I said I had a friend who was a minister there. He said, "That's amazing. I know him. He pointed up and said the Big Man is looking after me." He couldn't get over the fact that I know a minister in his community and told me that he walks by the place where their church meets almost every day. He said he would visit that church. God proved Himself to us and to them. Please pray that both of these men will get saved.

The man I was speaking to is from Germany. His mother is a strong believer in Jesus Christ but he has been seeking for 10 years. Both of them promised to read the Gospels of John that we gave them. Please pray that they would. Thanks for your prayers.