Help with Flyers

24/07/2013 13:20
A friend from our community who visits the church assisted me today as I put out flyers. It was good to have his help. His wife has been attending our ladies Bible study and he has been coming to a men's prayer time on Monday nights as well. It's good to have older Christians who are interesting in still serving the Lord.
The Lord gave a couple of very good opportunities. In our prayer time on Monday night we prayed for God to use the trials of life to bring people to Himself. I men a woman this morning who is going through a severe trial. Please pray for her. I gave her a copy of John and Romans and prayed with her that God would help her to know Him through His Word. Please pray that this will be a turning point in her sorrow and that she will find joy in Christ.
I also spoke with a man whose background in geology has led him to unbelief. It is sad because geology ought to lead people to the knowledge of a worldwide flood and a realization that there must be a God Who created and designed this world. He had grown up in what I believe was a Christian family.  His name is the same as the first man, whom he does not believe in. Please pray for God to open His eyes.
I spoke with three others for whom I have prayed. One indicated a desire to come and visit the church. Please pray for Him to follow through. Thanks for praying for our ministry in Loanhead.