Here we go.... 2020

05/01/2020 13:10

We enjoyed Sunday morning services on our first Lord's day of 2020. We had good attendance and a good spirit. I love seeing our church people stick around and visit with one another after the service. 

We appreciate your prayers for our ministry. We've got three months and then Pastor and Mrs. Anderson will be here for a 6 month ministry. Our furlough schedule is coming along nicely. We appreciate your prayers for just the meetings for our furlough calendar.

This morning I enjoyed preaching on God's servant, Caleb in Joshua 14. Caleb must have been a great blessing to Joshua. Here was the only old man (other than himself) in Israel. Both of them had wanted to see God's people take the promised land, 45 years previously. But, they didn't let the passing of time keep them from doing what they knew God would do through them. They wholly followed the Lord.