Here we go....

26/08/2015 11:08

School started today at the Shore house. The kid's are excited to be back at it and it has been a good start. Thanks for praying for Katie and the kids as they get into the routine.

Mark Hikin and I started putting out flyers in his community yesterday. Their village is about a mile and a half from us and is one of the larger villages in our area. We have had people attend from there before. Please pray for new contacts. 

Some of you have prayed for our vehicle problem. We've had an ongoing problem with the vehicle's ability to run on LPG. Please pray for the mechanic to have wisdom as he works on it today. The van also runs on petrol but LPG is a lot more affordable. It's been a long ordeal but we hope to have a solution in the near future. Thanks for praying.