Highlander riding a highland cow....

10/06/2014 18:13

I'm painting a sheet of plywood for our church tent at our upcoming community fair (Gala Days.) It's a picture of a Scotsman riding a highland cow. The faces of the man and the cow will be cut outs which will allow the kids to have some fun with pictures. It's coming along nicely and should be a fun part of our day. We've enjoyed our art time with Alec. He's still teaching the kids to paint every Tuesday afternoon. 

Katie and Mac are doing well. I'm sticking around the house this week to help. The kids are helping as well. (I've put this on here for my mom as she has told me to make sure my wife gets a lot of rest.) I'm sure all of you mothers would echo those words of wisdom. Thank you for praying for the adjustments to life with a new little one.