Home, sweet church home.

26/02/2023 13:08

We are already feeling at home in our building as we had our first services this morning. God is so very good to His children. It's been a journey of faith and we have seen God lead every step of the way. We know that we have MUCH more to follow Him through, but it is a blessing to have arrived at our church home location.

I enjoyed preaching on a great story of our Great God and a man of faith, Jonathan. Jonathan didn't think God was limited because he didn't have an army. He didn't think God needed an army to do something great.  Jonathan and His armour bearer went up in the will of God and wrought for God.

The Lord gave us good attendance and an adult visitor as well. That was a blessing.

Thank you for your prayers as we continue to get settled into our church home. We'll begin making refurbishment plans this week.