Homesick :)

21/11/2012 15:39

Yes, we do miss Thanksgiving with family when we are on the field. But, the one day that really makes me homesick was this past Saturday.  It was opening day of gun deer season in my home state of Wisconsin. My dad and brother got to go out and God provided a deer for my dad. If you have been blessed with venison this hunting season, please send a picture and story to (Hunter's therapy)

I was able to get out this morning and do flyers in a neighboring village. It has been pretty warm the last few days with temperatures in the mid to upper 40's. The wind was down today as well making it very pleasant. I put out a few hundred flyers. My F.D.T. (flyer distribution tool) caused one slight problem today. George put a small stand with glass beads in front of his mail slot. So, when I pushed the flyers through the slot his stand tipped and sent what sounded like a hundred marbles scattering across his tiled entry floor. I rang his bell to apologize and enjoyed a good chat. So, that was an interesting divine accident.

Last night I had a good opportunity to witness to David in his home. I bought the painting from him and returned for a couple frames he had for sale. Please pray that God will open His heart. I sensed God's conviction in our conversation and trust David will take our chat to heart. Thanks for praying for these open doors.