08/07/2013 11:01

We have had hot weather (low 70's) for the past couple of days! It has been wonderful. This morning I put out flyers early to get done before the heat came.  Thankfully I was finished before the sun broke through the morning haze.

The Lord gave me 2 good opportunities. One was with a 15 year old paper boy. I was surprised by his age as he was about a foot taller than me. Please pray for this young man. He has never read the Bible or gone to church. The other opportunity was with a middle aged woman who attends a church of Scotland. She hopes that she will go to Heaven. Our conversation was brief but I encouraged her to read I John 5 to see that she can know that she'll go to Heaven.

The Lord gave us a good Sunday. It was our 3 year anniversary of planting the church. We began on the first Sunday in July in 2010. I preached yesterday morning on "Navigate to Glory" from Romans 3. We didn't finish and will have a continuation of that message next Sunday. I've always gone to Ephesians 2:8-9 when speaking to those who believe good people go to heaven. I now hope that God reminds me to go to Romans 3 which deals with this topic in depth. It is an excellent argument against man's goodness and for man's need for God's grace.