House stuff....

13/09/2017 14:49

Thank you for your prayers as we prepare to close on the house and then move. God's hand has been very evident in everything and we look forward to sharing the story of God's provision.

I put out flyers this past Monday but rain and house papwerwork have taken up other time. Please pray for wisdom how to use our time in the coming days. God has provided preaching help during this time. An evangelist friend, who has now taken a church pastorate, and his family will be with us next Thursday. We found out they were going to be over here just in the last few days. Please pray that the Jim Walker family will be a blessing. They are musically gifted and will be sharing that ministry on that night.

George Clayson, a college student, will be preaching in the PM service on 1 October. Evangelist Andy Gleiser will be preaching all of 8 October and a week of meetings. So, God's timing is perfect in that regard as well. Brother Gleiser, his wife and co-worker are also excited to help us redecorate the home before moving into it. Praise the Lord for good friends who are willing to give a helping hand and who are excited to see God's provision! Thank you for your participation in prayer for all of these ministry opportunities and home prayer requests! Very much appreciated!