How can someone know how to go to Heaven?

18/12/2013 14:13

I heard that very question today from a man who has lived 18 months with cancer. He was told when diagnosed that he has two years. Please pray for God to meet the spiritual and physical need that he has. He envied my faith but I told him that he could come to faith in God as well. I gave him a John and Romans and a track about accepting Jesus as his personal Savior. He knew what I was talking about when I mentioned being born again. He used to watch a television preacher who God used to bring many to Christ. Perhaps that seed sown back then will bring a harvest before it is too late.

Aren't you glad that we have a book that is authoritative and that mankind has never and will never disprove? They have their theories but they will be proven false at the judgment seat of Christ. My heart goes out to this "hopeless" world. They have thrown God out of everything and they wonder why so many are committing suicide and turning to drink. I could tell you of 4 suicides that I have heard about within 7 miles of our home. (That is in the last two weeks.) 20 people a week are dying from alcohol in Scotland. (Those are the documented cases of death from alcohol.)

Our world needs the light. Please pray for God's bright Light to open the eyes of a sin darkened world. We are looking forward to sharing the Light on Christmas Eve. I've put out flyers the last two days. Please pray for a good attendance and a great evening.

update on Mark: He has another scan today to see if the abscess has shrunk. If so, he may be allowed to go home with an oral antibiotic. Thanks for praying for him.