"How great is that darkness"

07/11/2018 11:55

If the light that is in thee be darkness.... Sadly our world can't see the truth staring them in the face. I'm reminded of this as I get out with the Gospel. I put flyers out today in a village, West Linton, which is just over 10 miles from our church. I've put flyers through there several times before. It will take me a few days to finish but I got a good start today.

It was a misty morning but I had one divine appointment with a young lady whom I spoke with for about 10 minutes. Please pray that she takes to heart the truth of God's Word. I gave her my new small flyer which should convict her as it echoes her statements about her goodness. She had not looked at them yet as she just put them through her mail slot in her door.

I had to meditate on some verses after that conversation. "My Word shall not return void." I also had to remember what we had read in our family devotions about not wanting fire to come down from Heaven but keeping a desire for men to get saved. ("Shall we call down fire from Heaven....") Please pray for God to water the seed that was sown and to protect it from being snatched away by the wicked bird.