Hurricane Sally

19/09/2020 08:22

We've had a very interesting week as we were in Pensacola from Sunday evening to Thursday morning. Hurricane Sally was just off shore for most of that time, before coming on shore on Wednesday morning. God answered prayer for us in a very specific way and allowed us to move in with a church family on Tuesday night. The right eye wall of Sally went through our location with around 100 MPH winds (category 2). There were trees down everywhere, including many on the church property, but the trees around our trailer didn't come down.

We praise God for safety even as we chased hurricane Sally all the way to Greenville, SC on Thursday. We saw downed trees and power lines for about 100 miles. We also saw several hundred power company vehicles on their way South to restore power.

The family we stayed with had a generator and water purification system. So, we had all the comforts of home while many were facing difficulties from the storm. Their power was restored on Thursday evening.

Our travel trailer suffered some damage from the storm and it is currently at the shop. Please pray for wisdom as they assess any damage. That process has gone well and God has been guiding. That was our last trip with the trailer as we plan on staying with family for the rest of our furlough travels.

God gave us a great time last Sunday with two of our supporting churches in FL and AL. This weekend we are with two more supporting churches in GA. Thank you for your prayers. God has kept us safe thus far from Covid, a hurricane, a lot of travel miles (we saw a car crash into a wall in Atlanta on our return this past week).... We've also enjoyed each ministry opportunity and thank you for your part in the effectiveness of our ministry.