I love "wasting" time.

16/05/2022 14:09

My plan was to start getting the new flyer out this morning, but it was raining heavily at times. I ran my four miles this morning anyway and got drenched on the last two. :) So, I waited until late morning and was able to get out after 11. I was able to put out around 300 flyers. Please pray that God will bless this flyer to men's hearts. I only had brief conversations this morning.

One was with a man who attended our church for a few months several years ago. He has lived a life of addiction and though he professed faith in Christ there is no evidence. I greeted him and he said, "Is this you still putting out the leafletts?" I confirmed his suspicion and he said, "You are wasting your time." I said, "I'm not wasting my time as long as there is a God in Heaven who loves sinners." I prayed as I walked away for God to put Him in his right mind. I'd love to see His life transformed by the God of the Gospel.