If I'm dreaming, please don't wake me....

08/08/2012 18:17

It is a beautiful day! I think we may have reached 70 degrees today.  It's a heat wave! (You may think I'm joking, but I'm not.)  We've had very few days in the 60's.  So, 70 is awesome.

The Lord gave some encouraging opportunities today.  I had a witnessing opportunity while walking this morning. Graeme (70') believes in God but does not attend church.  I shared some Gospel verses with him and he kindly took a tract.

We had lunch with the Vogelpohls in Dunfermline after which Dane and I put out flyers in their area.  God gave us one very unusual divine appointment.  Please pray for Rees and Scott. We witnessed to them for close to half an hour. Dane was talking with Rees while I was talking to Scott (19). Rees showed prior knowledge of the Gospel.  He gave Dane his contact information and said that he would definitely attend the Bible study. Please pray that he would.  The Vogelpohls are just getting started.  This appears to be the best contact thus far.