I'll fly away....

15/12/2013 19:44

It was another windy day today. My A-board sign got blown over during Sunday School. Don't you love weather? (Sigh, Smile of contentment.)

The Lord gave us a good morning with faithful attendance. The Hikin family was unable to be there this morning. Mark's appendix has burst and he is hospitalized. I was with him last night and this afternoon. He is in good spirits. An abscess has formed which has contained the infection but also postpones the removal of his appendix. Please pray for grace and wisdom. (He had a good witnessing opportunity with a man in the next bed over. He has witnessed to several people since arriving in the hospital.)

Tomorrow evening is Katie's Neighborhood Christmas Party. I know she would appreciate your prayers for a great evening. Please also pray for Adele as she shares a bit of the Christmas story.

The children's choir practice went well this evening. There are two neighbor girls who practiced with us. It seems they may not be able to be there on Christmas Eve. Please pray that God would allow them to be able to come. (I told them that we would pray that God would help them to be there.) Thanks for your prayers!