I'll fly away....

23/02/2014 12:39

We needed rocks in our pockets to get to church this morning. It was very windy. We heard the wind blowing throughout the services. (It was so windy last night that a large piece of trim was blown off of our vehicle as we crossed a large bridge. Thankfully one screw held on and we were able to salvage it.)

Our faithful group was in church. We thank God for giving us a good morning. The kids enjoyed being back in divided Sunday School classes today.

I preached this morning on "The 'Undude' John" from Matthew 3. You are welcome to click on the link and hear the introduction if you wonder where that title came from. 

The Lord gave a great witnessing opportunity on Friday. Please pray for this young lady to find Christ. My daughter, Kay Lee, said to me afterwards, "That is the best conversation I have ever heard you have with anyone." This woman is searching and asked some wonderful questions. Thanks for praying for divine appointments. There is no doubt in my mind that God wanted us to speak to her about Jesus.