I'm glad God is faithful....

17/06/2018 13:02

Aren't you glad that God is faithful? In the scope of life and ministry that truth means more than anything. His promises are absolutely true. His ministry to us is completely consistent. Praise God! I'm thankful for that today.

God gave us a good ministry today. We had our faithful group out to church. It was good to have a couple of the teens with us this morning who normally are away on Sunday mornings. The teen girl from our football tournament hasn't missed anything, including the parade. It was great to have here there again. That may change, but we're thankful right now for her faithful attendance.

I preached this morning on the need to be a "Giant Slayer for God" from 1 Samuel 17. What if no one had been sent by God to the battle who would stand up for God? May God help us to be that person.

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there. I'm thankful for my earthly dad and my father-in-law today. God's blessed our family. I'm also thankful for my children and for being able to be a dad. God's good!