important prayer request

14/05/2021 15:02

Well.... there are unexpected things in life and this is one of them.

We were just notified by the seller of the bank property that they have set a closing date of THIS Thursday on this property. I've asked if there is any possibility they can move it one week to give us a bit more time.

A closing date means that we have to have an offer put in and show that we have the funds to cover the offer. (Meanwhile our famiy is heading on holiday (vacation) up in the Highlands and won't be back by this Thursday.) 

God is not surprised. I'm praying about what to do. Please pray with us. If they can't move the date, I'll be sending out an email update to our prayer supporters letting them know of our plans. 

God's good. Every day. All the time. We'll see what He wants to do about this property. Thanks for praying.

PS. I have an evangelistic Bible study at 3:30 our time and would appreciate your prayers for that as well.