In person next Sunday

21/03/2021 21:15

This evening was our final (for this lockdown) evening Zoom service. Starting next Sunday we are allowed to meet for our 5:00  PM Sunday School and Church service. We will still have to do Zoom on Sunday AM and Thursday PM as we don't have a location available for those time slots.

God gave us a good day. Our attendance tonight was the lowest ever on Zoom, (sickness, work obligations etc.) but we still had a good service. I enjoyed preaching a message, "Preach Jesus" from Acts 5. The early church ceased not to teach and preach Jesus despite everything the devil threw at them. 

The ladies meeting went very well last night. Thank you for praying. In attendance were our church ladies plus two other ladies who have visitied our church in the past. God's hand was evident.

This week is a busy week and your prayers are appreciated. With our return to in person services, we add back on our Adult/ Teen SS. I'm still doing The Journey segments twice a week and also preaching on the men's home in Ireland via Zoom. Thank you for praying!

PS. Here's are some pictures of the finished project from this past week.