Into Edinburgh

17/09/2012 15:17

The Lord held off the rain and I was able to get into Edinburgh this morning. I had a great opportunity as soon as I got off of the bus on the Royal Mile. Steph and her family used to attend a Baptist church.  She is an atheist but thanked me for our conversation this morning.  Please pray for God to a good work in her heart.  She said, "You won't convince me. But, it may cause me to think about it in the future." We talked for at least 20 minutes.

Michael (19) is an atheist but invited me to sit down and chat with him. He was very antagonistic.  But, I was able to show him some verses before he asked me to stop.

Issin is a non devout muslim.  He and his friend were suffering the effects of a hangover. But, we were able to look at God's Word despite Issin's blasphemy. God's hand was evident in the conversation. We spoke for nearly half an hour.

Adam isn't sure what he believes.  But he recently bought a Bible because he thought everyone should have one.  He was my "best" opportunity.  He really listened as I shared the Gospel with him.

Sandy is a shop keeper who is a Seik.  I started talking with her because of an accident nearby.  I didn't see it happen but came just afterwards. A double decker bus hit a man. There was blood on the road and I asked Sandy what had happened. We talked for 5-10 minutes.

The rain is coming now. So, praise the Lord for the time He gave me to get into the city.  Thanks for praying.