Into Edinburgh....

25/06/2013 14:54

Today was a fun ministry day. I took the bus into Edinburgh this morning and spent the day there. My first witnessing opportunity was great. Jim is from Germany. He is Catholic and believes that good people go to Heaven. After looking at God's Word he said, "Those are questions I can't ask at home or my mom and my priest get upset."  He took a John and Romans and I hope to hear from him by email.

The next opportunity was a Catholic construction worker from Glasgow. He is working on a work site in Edinburgh. I talked to him on his break.

The next two guys were homeless alcoholics. The one was very belligerent as our conversation began but the other was softer. A good ways into our conversation I told the belligerent man that God's commands were for our good. He told us not to be a drunkard for our good. He tried to defend his sin and I said, "I'm looking at a broken man whose life has been shattered by alcohol."  That may seem unloving. But, he took it the other way. After that this man was my friend. He was more tender than at any other point in our conversation. He told me early in the conversation that he has a minister friend near London. Please pray for Jim's salvation.

I spoke to a young man who is from the same area where we used to live. He was an atheist who never thinks about religion. He was very in tune to our conversation. Please pray for God to awaken Billy to his need for Christ. I left him with a John and Romans.

After that I spoke with a young Christian from California. I spoke to him about Biblical separation and invited him to visit a church that is 15 minutes from his house. It is a very good independent Baptist church which my dad used to pastor in the mid 80's.  He said he would visit since the Lord had a guy many thousands of miles from his home invite him to a church within minutes of his home.

The last witnessing opportunity was with a non practicing Catholic Irishman. I was able to take him through many Bible verses until he finally left saying that he hoped that there was no hell. God was working in his heart and our 20 minute conversation has given him an opportunity to see God's truth.

I had one other great opportunity with a young man from Latvia who is here in Edinburgh. I gave him the flyer and he said that he had his Bible there with him. He is staying with some "Christians" and is beginning to seek after God. I gave him a John and Romans as well. He does not live far from our church. Please pray for a follow up opportunity with him.

God's good to open doors for the Gospel. It was a good day to hand out literature. The vast majority were taking the flyer. Thanks for praying for divine appointments.

Shelly has posted an update about Jeff (Jeff Smith, Missionary with a brain tumor.)  You can see the update at