Into Edinburgh

09/01/2013 15:40

It was a good day to get out in the city and hand out flyers. The Lord gave me three good witnessing opportunities and several other short chats.

Steven (19) is agnostic. He doesn't know what to believe. He talked with me for 10 minutes while waiting for his bus.

Alex is an atheist. He was very skeptical but listened. I heard him say to his co-workers as I left that we were having a good conversation. He was watching a construction gate and was free to talk.

Aaron was my best opportunity. He refused the flyers because of his unbelief. But, after talking for 45 minutes he took the flyer and walked with me a few blocks while I handed them out. He was very appreciative of our chat. One of the last things I shared with him was that his unbelief did not mean he would never accept Christ. I shared with him the story of the Apostle Paul and how he was a pattern for those who would believe on Jesus.

It's always interesting to go into Edinburgh. One of the things that stands out in my mind today was a young girl that was going to take a flyer. When she realized that it was about God she violently yanked her hand away as if she was about to be bitten. On the positive side, I met a born again older couple. They were very encouraging and thankful that I was out doing what God has called us to do.

Thanks for praying for us as we sow the seed in Scotland.