Into Edinburgh

24/04/2013 17:56

God has put us in a great area for evangelism. It's just a short bus ride into the heart of Edinburgh to hand out flyers and evangelize. I was able to spend the afternoon in the city giving out flyers. It was a good day. It seems like about 50 percent of those offered a flyer took one. It's fun to watch them walk away reading it. I saw one put it in the bin but most people at least kept it.

I didn't have very many opportunities to verbally witness. But, the Lord gave me a great opportunity before heading back. I talked to a young lady (18) for 20 minutes about why I believe in God and His Word. She asked a good question, "Who gets to go to Heaven?" It was a great platform for a full presentation of the Gospel. Please pray for this girl. She was very thoughtful. 

One believer who received the flyer emailed me to make me aware of other evangelistic outreaches in our area. I also met a Scot who is serving the Lord in Italy. God's good to give encouragement as we serve Him. Thanks for praying for these opportunities.