Into Edinburgh

26/03/2018 13:52

It was a sunny calm morning which makes for a good opportunity to do evangelism in Edinburgh. So, I parked at the park and ride and hopped on a bus into the city this morning. My first two witnessing opportunities weren't easy but I hope they were profitable. The first was with a man who does not believe in the "God of the Bible" but that there is a power.... I had read in my Bible this morning in Isaiah, "I am God and there is none else...." The second was with a woman with a similar view of one God and all gods therefore are the same one God. I tried to point her to the authority of the Word of God.

The next opportunity was with a Frenchman who seemed tender at times during our conversation and told me at the conclusion, "It was a pleasure." We spoke for about 20 minutes and he had a good grasp of English and was receptive to the truth which I was sharing with him. Please pray for Christof to get saved.

The last opportunity was unexpected as I caught the eye of a young man who was manning an ice cream booth. I backed up and offered him a flyer. Icecream wasn't a hot seller this morning and we talked for about 40 minutes. Please pray for this young man as he said at the end, "I am intrigued." I told him that God was able to bring him to faith. He began the conversation as an atheist but said he would read the John and Romans I left with him. I do hope he will come to faith and have prayed for him already.

Please pray for fruit from our labors - whether we realize it this side of eternity or not. God was good to give opportunities today as well as giving us a good day weatherwise to get out with the Gospel.