Into Edinburgh

03/03/2014 18:10

We had a good Sunday yesterday. The kids sang in the morning service and did a fantastic job. I'm glad that they enjoy getting involved in our ministry. I preached on Revelation 5, He is Worthy.

This morning I headed into Edinburgh. Our weather situation has improved the last few days. Scotland has now had it's wettest winter on record. Our family in the States are in the Midwest and I don't envy what many of you have faced this winter. It was good to get out in the city. The Lord gave me three great opportunities to share the Gospel.

The first was with a young man named who was sitting on a park bench. He doesn't believe in God and believes evolution but he was kind and asked a number of thoughtful questions.

The second opportunity was with a Greenpeace activist. He was glad to have someone to  talk to as it was his first day trying to engage people in conversation about their cause. We had a great chat and I gave him a Gospel of John and Romans.

The third opportunity was the best. This 23 year old young man stood up to better talk with me (so he wasn't looking into the sun) and we talked for at least 45 minutes. He said that I wouldn't change his mind but that he appreciated the conversation. He also asked me at one point, "Why do you do this?" I told him that I had just preached on Scripture that speaks about Heaven and I want as many people as possible there to bring glory to the Lord. I also said that I don't want people to go to @#!*% . Please pray for these young men.

While I was down there, I visited a Baptist church, Charlotte St. Chapel which experienced revival just over 100 years ago. Praise God it is still Gospel preaching. Some great men of God have pastored this ministry.Joseph Kemp was pastor during the revival and they went from around 30 to 600 in a few years. The care taker kindly gave me a bicentenary book which relates what God has done in their church. It is a beautiful large hardback illustrated book. I look forward to paging through their history. God has given us a great start to the week. Thanks for praying.