Into Edinburgh....

09/06/2015 13:40

Because of our recent guests, we have had several trips into Edinburgh recently. I have been wanting to get down there to do evangelism and was able to do so today. The Lord blessed. People were very receptive of the flyer.

The Lord gave me a great witnessing opportunity with Will, who is from the South of England. He is an agnostic. But, he spoke with me for about 45 minutes in Princess St. Gardens. Interestingly he dated a young lady for three years who was a Baptist. 

I also had a great chat with Ross. Ross was saved when he was 8 in the the Church of Scotland. His minister recently left his church because of the Church of Scotland vote to allow homosexual ministers. (His church did not agree with their pastor's stand on homosexuality.) Please pray for Ross to take a stand for the Lord. The reformation was a movement against politics controlling the church. Sadly, the church of Scotland has forgotten it's roots and is bowing down to political correctness rather than bowing down to God.

I made an interesting discovery while doing flyers. I found myself in the library of the Free Church of Scotland. Great men of God led in the establishment of that new school of religion. Thomas Chalmers, who influenced - Robert Murray McCheynee, The Bonnar Brothers, William Burns, etc, was the leader of the Free Church when they broke from the Church of Scotland in 1843.

PS. I had a great follow up divine appointment yesterday. Please pray for God to open this young man's heart.