Into Edinburgh....

20/08/2015 13:35

It was a lovely day to get into the city to hand out some flyers. The down side is that it is festival season which means people are tired of being handed information. The Lord gave me two great conversations and opportunities to share the Gospel. One young man in particular was pretty open. Please pray that he will read the John and Romans that I gave him.

On Monday, Nelson and I finished the village of Roslin with our church flyers. I think we will focus on Bonnyrigg next.

On Tuesday Katie baked alphabet biscuits (sugar cookies) and spelled the kid's names who have been attending our church. We dropped them off with a wee note she wrote to encourage them as they went back to school on Wednesday.

Thanks for praying for us. God gave us a good weather week which was refreshing. Katie's back continues to improve. Katie will be starting school with our kids in the near future and would appreciate your prayers as they get going.