Into Edinburgh....

24/09/2015 13:35

I had a good follow up witnessing opportunity this morning with a friend of mine. Please pray that God will do a good work in his heart.

Afterwards, I dropped the car off on the other side of Edinburgh and handed out flyers near Princess St. God gave me several great opportunities to share Christ. 

H..... is 23 and hoping not to go to jail. She has been there before but is seeking to change her ways. I spoke with her and an older man who has had a rough life. It was a good chat.

D..... is probably late 20. He would be agnostic. I had a good opportunity to speak to him about creation and left his with a copy of John and Romans. He was very engaged in our conversation.

I was also looking for a violin for my daughter and stopped into a music shop. The Lord gave me a good witnessing opportunity with the man who works there as no one else was in the shop. I'm pretty certain that I have witnessed to him in the past. He says that he is an atheist. But, when questioned about it, he admitted that it is just because he doesn't know anything that would convince him that there is a God. I enjoyed talking with him and hope something that was said will bring conviction to his heart.

Thank you for praying for open doors for the Gospel.