Into Edinburgh...

18/05/2016 20:55

We headed into Edinburgh today to purchase prizes and do some outreach. We weren't certain what we were going to do for prizes. But, we found a great price on footballs and bought 14. :) We are going to give each winning player (teen/adult) a ball. There are five on each side with one substitute. We also bought two game balls to give away to the best players in each bracket.

Next we stopped by the prison in Edinburgh to see if we could speak to someone about a future sports tournament in the prison. Evangelist Jonathan Washer does that ministry in the States and we were hoping to find an open door for that ministry in the future here. It seems like a closed door for now.

Afterwards we headed into Edinburgh for some touring evangelism. I showed them around the city while we witnessed and handed out Gospel flyers. I had two really good divine appointments. The first was with a woman from Ireland who has born again friend. That is always encouraging to hear. She kindly said to me, "No offence (after listening very well) but I have heard it all before from my friends." Praise God - those are good friends to have.

The second was with a 15 year old skeptic (agnostic) from Germany. He was very mature for his age and dressed in Gothic attire with Satanic symbols on his necklace. Please pray that God will awaken Roman's heart. We spoke most about the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. I told him that if he comes to Scotland to study to please look me up. He then said that he does intend to come here for schooling. So I told him again to please come at least once to church and let me know that he had come back. I really believe this kid could get saved as it appears that he is searching for truth. I'd love to have the story in the future that Roman has visited our church. Even more I'd love to see Roman in Heaven some day.

God's good. Thanks for praying.