Into Edinburgh....

29/05/2017 13:45

This morning I went into Edinburgh seeking witnessing opportunities and handing out flyers. It was very difficult at first. I don't know if it was natural - Monday morning blues/ colder weather blues/ hangover blues.... But, people weren't very engaging at first. 

However, that changed when I met and 18 year old man, Kyle. Please pray for Kyle. I spoke with him for nearly an hour and a half as we sat on a park bench and I know the Lord was working in this young atheist's heart. I believe that there is a pretty good chance Brian will visit our church. Regardless of whether we ever see him again, please pray for God to break through in His life. He said, "I have been wondering, 'What's life all about?'" He also said, "You are almost convincing me." He was thoughtful and when a point was proven he accepted the point.

Afterwards I spoke with Duggy who is a recovering alcoholic. He had been an alcoholic for 31 years. I was able to show him the Gospel and encourage him to trust Christ. I believe he was very close to making a decision to trust the Lord. Please pray that He will do so. He had purposely sat down near where I was speaking with two boys. He had heard the conversation while walking past to buy a coffee. He returned with his coffee and sat nearby.

Please pray for Katie as she and two other ladies are working just now preparing for our fellowship meeting tomorrow. Please also pray for Evangelist Jonathan Washer as He opens God's Word with us tomorrow.

God's good. We're seeing His hand at work. Thank you for praying.