Into Edinburgh

15/08/2017 14:18

It is festival season in Edinburgh which means that the population of the city (500,000) doubles for a coulple of weeks. It is crazy down there to say the least. I went in this morning to do evangelism and to seek one on one opportunities to present the Gospel. I was there for over two hours and the majority of the time was speaking to one of three young men.

I spoke with Stewart (atheist/ unchurched) for close to twenty minutes as he was on a break from his work at a bank. He said as we started to chat, "I don't speak about religion." It didn't hurt our conversation and God gave me a great opportunity to peek his curiousity in the things of God's Word. I left him with a John and Romans.

I then spoke with Michael (construction workers who grew up Catholic) for 15 minutes on his break. It was only his break ending that ended our conversation. He was very interested in the truth I was sharing. He shook my hand and spoke of how he enjoyed using his break in that way. He also told me the times of day when he is normally in that park on his break. I may see him again.

The last opportunity was the toughest and the longest. Paula is a guy from Italy who is here for a few weeks. He has come to faith in God but is a strong evolutionist and is studying medicine. We went through a lot of Scripture. He is an ideal example of Romans 1, "Professing themselves to be wise they became fools." That is where our conversation ended as he did what God's Word says he would do and defended wicked lifestyles. He shook my hand and told me that he really liked me and was thankful for our conversation. I spoke with him for about an hour and 20 minutes.

Only God can open hearts like these. Please pray for God's power to touch these lives for His glory.

My parents and aunt are safely back home. Thank you for praying for them.