Into the city....

10/07/2013 15:00

It was a beautiful overcast cool morning today. The sun has popped out now (mid-afternoon) and it is heating up outside.

The Lord gave me several good opportunities to share the Gospel. The first opportunity was the best. Please pray that God will water the seed sown in this young man's heart. He offered to give me his name and number and we are hoping to do a Bible study. He also indicated that he will visit the church. I was praying for an opportunity to use Romans 3 in witnessing today and this was that opportunity. We went through the last half of that chapter as we considered how God's law through conviction points us to grace for Christ's righteousness. 

I handed out about 250 flyers and had a few other good opportunities. I'm always a bit overwhelmed in Edinburgh because there are so many directions you can go to give the Gospel. The harvest is great and the laborers are few.