Irish visitors....

26/06/2022 21:42

Daniel and Emily (college students from Northern Ireland and the Republic) were back this Sunday after five weeks away in placements for the Faith Mission. They both graduated from the college yesterday and their families were with them in church today. It was a joy to get to know both of their parents and Emily's siblings. They all came over for lunch at our home and spent the day with us. It was a refreshing time. Daniel preached the PM service as well. We recorded his sermon and I'll have it uploaded in the near future.

Benson has been leading our singing on Sunday PM's for quite some time. Today he became our full time song leader and led for both services. It was a blessing for me to have him take that responsability. He also sang a duet with me this morning, "Day by Day." If you'd like to hear it, I left it on the video and audio at the beginning of this morning's message on sermon audio. 

My message this morning was from Acts 5, "Faithful Through Persecution." God gave this text to Katie and I the night we saw the article which appeared in the newspaper. It was our regular reading in our devotions that night. If you are facing some persecution, it's a great text to meditate on as the Apostle's were faithful through the persecution.

Please pray for wisdom and power as we move forward in God's will and work. You are a great source of strength and encouragement to ourselves and our church. Thanks for praying.