IT and RTV

24/10/2021 15:42

For some reason recently I find myself longing for the Lord to send us HELP in audio visual areas. :) One of the difficulties of temporary facilities is setting up and taking down. Parker (13) is doing an excellent job assembling all of our equipment (connecting the speakers, piano, camera and mics to a mixer.) The last two times we've tried livestreaming we've lost our connection between the phone (control) and the mevo (camera.) Please pray that we can sort this. We may have figured it out....for the technical people out there - we think it was a problem with bluetooth connections.

The other difficulty we've had twice recently is the volume control on our recordings. Again, I THINK we have figured it out. Your prayers about our technical issues would be much appreciated. :) Lord willing, this too shall pass.

In other great news, we may have found a vehicle. Another man and I will go see it on Tuesday. This vehicle is closer to us as it is in Dumfries, Scotland about 2 hours away. 

God gave us a good Sunday despite the technical issues. I preached a message on 4 basic tests we need to pass in our Christianity. I called it, "Christianity 101." The text was 2 Corinthians 13. The 4 tests are (Salvation, Submission, Sanctification and Expansion.)

Evangelism went well this past week. I put out flyers on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Katie and I did door to door yesterday. We had one pretty good opportunity to share the Gospel.

A special thank you to, Pastor Jonathan McClure, down on the Southern tip of England. He viewed a potential vehicle for us. That vehicle sold on Ebay bid for 500 more than we were willing to pay. I'm thankful for his willingness to help us out as we pursue God's will for a vehicle.

Thank for your prayers. They are much appreciated!