It's our busy Sunday

08/03/2020 13:09

We've got a full schedule today. Our normal Sunday begins with a prayer time from 9:40-9:55. 10 is SS and 11 is our morning service. We get home about 1:00 and need to leave here by about 1:40 to get to the Trust Service which begins around 2:00. We'll get back home hopefully by 3:15. Then at 4:15 we have our (Titus and Timothy) TNT class. We're doing evangelism right now. Lord willing, we'll have the weather we need to get out this afternoon. 5:15 is our youth choir/ men's prayer time. 6:00 is our evening service. 

It's a full schedule and it makes for a great day as God gives us some extra strength for a demanding schedule. We appreciate your prayers in that regard. I continued a message this morning on, "Outspoken for God" from Acts 4. The early church was outspoken in persecution, in preaching, in position, in prayer and in provision. God gave us a good morning. Praise His name and thank you for your prayers!

Tuesday of this week is a day of prayer for the missionary men. Please pray with us for a great day in prayer.

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