Jeff Smith Update

07/06/2013 20:56

I enjoyed visiting Jeff and Shellie Smith today. Another good missionary friend and I headed over there to see them. They are in sweet spirits. Please continue to pray for them as they go through the valley of the shadow of death. They demonstrate a grace that only God can give.

We had a visitor after the service last night. It was a man for whom we have prayed for several years. We'd appreciate your prayers for him. We love this family and want to see God's best for their lives.

I haven't put pictures on for quite a while. Here are some recent photo's.

Benson at Hibbs Football Game.  He and I took the college boys.

Benson and I still have art/ shop class with Mr. Alec on Tuesdays. This is a picture I just finished of a British pigeon hunter.

The back section of our back garden (yard). We've trimmed a lot of trees. 

This is taken looking back the other way.

The Lord provide new (used) office furniture as an early father's day gift.